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Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Body Sculpting

Reshape and sculpt your body to a New You with NO side effect, surgery, scarring, swelling, discomfort, injections or antibiotics. Cavi-Lipo GT Ultra Sound liquefies unwanted fat and cellulite by using a unique design of crystals in the head of the Cavi-Lipo wand. The crystals when rubbed over the unwanted areas shake up the fat and cellulite cells creating air pockets and changes the solid cells into a liquid. Once the cells are liquefied they are processed through your lymphatic system and excreted out threw urination. The added infrared light around the head of the wand rebuilds collagen, tightening and firming the skin of the area treated. Results are permit providing you do not have a significant weight gain. Preparation required, drink plenty of water before and after each and every treatment to flush out the liquefied fat cells and toxins. There is no down time, immediately resume normal activities and work outs and enjoy the benefits of our painless Cavi-Lipo Ultra sound treatments.


Service Areas:                                                                  

  • Thighs         

  • Bra Edge

  • Hips              

  • Chin                                                                      

  • Buttocks     

  • Back

  • Arms               

  • Stomach        

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